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We are a consulting firm focused on helping organizations, institutions and people understand and implement the new paradigms that are shifting the world toward abundance and exponential organizations.

We educate, monitor, ideate, innovate and incubate to develop capabilities and scale ideas that make the world a better place.

Our methodology is based on some key concepts:
Exponential Organization (ExO): is a purpose-driven entity that leverages new exponential technologies and a set of common organizational attributes (the ExO Model) that allow them to tap into and manage abundance to scale exponentially as technology does.
Exponential Technologies: such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing, Drones, Biotechnology, and many more, are technologies whose output is doubling every two years (or so) that are impacting every industry.
Abundance: is the result of the rise of Exponential Technologies, which are generating an abundance of everything. this new abundance-based context is already threatening existing business models, which are largely based on scarcity
The ExO Model: is the set of common organizational attributes (ExO Attributes), which allow businesses to become Exponential Organizations.
The Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP): reflects an organization’s aspiration, the core purpose of its existence. It describes the change in the world that the organization wants to achieve.
ExO Sprint: is a ten-week process of coaching organizations on how to apply exponential thinking and the practices that generate accelerated growth. The sprint goal is to take an organization two years ahead in only ten weeks.
CORE Initiative: is aimed at implementing the ExO Model into an existing organization to transform it into an ExO, making it more adaptable and capable of surfing disruption to outgrow competition.
EDGE Initiative: is aimed at enabling an existing organization to launch new ExOs to test new disruptive business models and finally dominate its industry.

Empower organizations to become exponential and create new ExOs.

Become the world’s leading ExO transformation partner.

Co-Founder & President
Andrea is a professional highly passionate about helping organizations transforming their businesses through the use of innovative technologies and processes. He has been working with global companies in different industries and geographies, running large scale transformation projects. Andrea is an ExO Guru, running ExO Sprints globally.
Co-Founder & CEO
Aleyda is a professional passionate in transforming the world helping everyone finding their purpose and use it as a platform to transform organizations. She is a certified ExO Coach & Ambassador and uses the ExO Sprint to advance any organization 2 years in 10 weeks.

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